Create a warm, fuzzy feeling with these tips for a cozy and inviting home atmosphere that will have you wanting to stay in all weekend.

#1 Go green

Bringing the outdoors in with plants will help create a lovely natural space. But did you also know that our green leafy friends also help purify the air around us? Beyond air quality, it has been proven that plants boost our wellbeing and lower stress levels. Use contrasting foliage for interest as well as differing levels, or try hanging plants or make your own macrame pot hanger if you’re feeling crafty. If you’re lacking the green thumb gene, start with succulents – they thrive on neglect.

#2 Making scents

To create a zen-like space in your home we suggest lighting candles (beeswax is best as it also helps to purify the air), burning incense, displaying fresh cut flowers or using an essential oil diffuser. Avoid synthetic “fragrance” products as they often contain phthalates, known to interfere with our hormones. Opt for 100% essential oil scents and pure essential oils, with their therapeutic benefits they help to cleanse the air, impact mood, support relaxation, boost the immune system, assist with focus and study, create feelings of wellbeing and assist meditation (all while smelling amazing). We use lavender in the evenings to help us unwind and relax, lemongrass in the morning to help refresh, peppermint for concentration, and a blend of eucalyptus, rosemary, clove and wild orange if someone in our home is sick. Frankincense is our all-time favourite to inspire creativity and love.

#3 Curate your collection

We absolutely love collecting bits and pieces locally, trawling through second hand shops or upcycling pieces that are unique and quirky. We also collect from our travels around the globe that reflect the local culture. They are always intriguing, generally colourful, vibrant and hand-made. Moving around your art and décor is great way to reimagine a space and have things feeling fresh, while being surrounded by things that remind you of holidays and memories is comforting.

#4 Make it a chemical-free zone

Create a wholesome haven at home by using natural and safe products for your family. There is currently no requirement for cleaning products in Australia to list their ingredients on their labels.

Absurd right? Chemical cocktails in cleaning can lead to health issues such as skin and eye irritations, headaches, asthma, increased allergies, and chemical burns. Check all your current products and if you don’t know the company or quality of the product, consider them toxic until proven otherwise.

Replace them with plant-based products that list all ingredients on their labels, products that are earth-friendly, biodegradable, free of synthetic fragrances, and locally produced. If you can also help reduce plastic consumption by choosing a refillable brand then you’re ticking ALL the boxes, and deserve a green high-five.

#5 Groove to the music

One of the best ways to create a certain atmosphere in your home is music. Listening to chilled music can help soothe and relax during times of chaos or during the evenings. My favourites are Chet Faker or Jose Gonzalez while having a relaxing bath. Alternatively listening to upbeat music can help you to feel more motivated to dance around while cleaning the house. We love Spotify which seems to be an unlimited supply of music, we just plug in one of our favourite beats and it matches similar songs to a playlist so is a great way of discovering new artists. We also love our sound bowls which seems to instantly lift a rooms vibration including everyone in it, amazing!

Most of all it's important to create a unique space that uplifts, inspires, heals and is a special sanctuary where people feel at home to be themselves.


#1 Go green, #3 Curate your collection, #5 Groove to the music Photo Credit to Hayley Gemma: @hayleygemma  hayleygemma.com.au

#2 Making Scent Photo Credit to @seenandloved